Monday, 24 September 2018

Day 150: Road

Quick one this morning. I’m on the road with Steve for four days from today, staying in some Premier Inn just inside the M25 while setting up the biggest trade show of Steve’s calendar. Work trousers and tape measure and crawling sense of insecurity masked by boisterous banter at the ready!

I’m not going to have much chance to write, so these posts will only be short ones until the weekend. I’ll have to type them on my phone, probably in the hotel room after long and tiring days, so who knows what they’ll be like.

Anyway, I’ve had my croissant and fruit smoothie (us working men love croissants and fruit smoothies), packed my bag, got my Naomi Klein book (us working men love reading Naomi Klein), and I’m ready to go.

Hopefully I'll get time for some cheeky Switch gaming on the drive down as well. Us working men love cheeky Switch gaming.

See ya!

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