Sunday, 7 October 2018

Day 162: Blinking

Cold city gleaming down the hill. Frost on the windshields. Puffs of breath. Streets black and crisp in the night air.

I’ve been editing photos since getting in from work. Listening to Chopin. Watching easy videos on Youtube. No energy for anything more. I don’t feel depressed, I don’t think, but I don’t feel great, either. Another day on Earth. Got work first thing tomorrow, then Katie’s leaving do.

Pssch, I don’t know. Got no words inside me tonight. Been sat with the cursor on this blinking away for hours now, keep tabbing away and procrastinating more.

Guess I’ve got to refill the well, is all. So I’ll carry on listening to soft elegant piano music, I’ll ready some poetry, then get into bed and get some rest.

All is good. All is as it should be. Just keep on going.

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