Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Day 164: Auburn

OK, I don’t feel as bleak today. I had a long old day at work, after an early appointment to have my stitches removed, bus ride to Dore Surgery with sun’s morning rays penetrating through the leaves of the trees and casting long shadows on the ground. Brilliant orange and auburn and green leaves. Haze from breath in cold air.

And work wasn’t good, I had a migraine splitting my skull that was only assuaged with codeine and paracetamol and ibuprofen all together, but I enjoyed taking photographs for social media, enjoyed chasing and being chased by Arron around the bar, goofing about with Zoe. And finally it was time to go home and I sat on the bus in a stupor listening to Regular Features on my headphones, too stoned tired to take in the premise of the jokes, just letting the familiar cadences of the voices wash over me.

And now I’m going to play classic Mario on my Switch in bed, and pass out, and sleep until I feel like getting up tomorrow. I don’t know when I will feel like getting up tomorrow.

And then three-day trip to London to see my cousin’s new beautiful baby and see my family and take photographs round the city and escape from monotony here. And long train journeys to play Switch and read my book and eat chocolate flapjack from M&S and write in my notebook.

I cannot wait.

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