Sunday, 15 July 2018

Day 78

At Fran's looking after her. Not sure how much good I'm doing. She's asleep beside me now. Her fan is sweeping the room left to right, right to left. It pauses for the barest of moments half way, stuck, then pushes over the hump and continues on its way. Every time it looks like it won't make it, but every time it does.

Both windows are wide. The night is hot. Outside a solitary car passes on Abbeydale Road, then another, then a truck making late night deliveries. The streetlamp casts a ghostly glow over the surrounding leaves. The world is quiet.

Nothing to say tonight. No words in my head. I'm going to go get some sleep, see what tomorrow brings.

Sorry there's no more, but there's this. I came here for this at least. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.

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